Starblast Animation Institute has been harboring talent and giving them a platform to shine through its various positions. If you have what it takes then do come and join us. We promise a great workspace with an abundance of opportunities to follow.

Starblast Animation Institute is looking for talented animators to hire. We have believed in the potential of animation and its massive scope. Our courses and teaching curriculum reflect the same. We are looking for someone who is willing to take that passion for animation and develop it into productivity. We need someone who has a thorough understanding of animation pipelines and the processes involved from the conceptual phase to implementation.
You need to be a good team player because animation projects are done with multiple artists together.


Exceptional skill in animating the bipeds, quadruped well as other organic/inorganic forms A solid grasp of the principles of body movement, anticipation, overshoot, follow-through, squash and stretch, forward/inverse kinematics, and other facets of both 2D and 3D animation.
Experience and proficiency in Maya or equivalent 3D software required
Background in traditional hand-drawn / stop-motion animation would be a plus
Art Background. Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Illustration, Computer Graphics preferred
At least 3-4 years’ experience as a 3D animator for TV series (Preferably Children’s series & International Productions) / Feature/video games.


Visual demonstration (Showreel: QuickTime or web link preferred) of animation that illustrates visual storytelling, believable expressions, emotional states, weight, physics, balance, appeal, entertainment, clear timing, and staging.
Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album).
The candidate must be willing to complete a skill test if required.

Education counsellor


Student Counselor work with students, parents and educators to help the students succeed academically and socially. Counsel students regarding educational issues such as course and program selection, study habits and career planning. Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, other counsellors and administrators to resolve student’s behavioural academic and career problems.
Convert student inquiry to leads and enrolment in the correct courses based on student’s choice and ability.
Conflict resolution, brand building, ethical guiding, social and general awareness.

If you are applying for the job of a school or education counsellor, here are common requirements to expect from most employers:

Excellent communication skill (especially listening skills) is highly required for an education counselor to have to be good on the job
Patience should be a virtue worn at all times by individuals who work as education counselors
The ability to discern the body language of students is also important
The ability to be proactive and not reactive at all times is of great importance
Interpersonal (mediation) skills are needed for education counselor to be able to solve problems that may arise between parents and teachers, or even between teachers and students as the case may be
He/she must be easily approachable by teachers, students, and parents. That is to say that the counselor should be friendly and accommodating
2-5 years of working in a similar role or capacity
A first degree in Counselling; a Masters degree will be a welcome addition.

Animation Faculty

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities :

• Training students for 3D Animation.

• Should be able to teach students 3D Animation.

• Should be able to handle classroom teaching.

Skills Required :

• Minimum 5 years Industry Experience as an animator in high quality project.

• Extensive capability in Software – Maya Animation

• Strong working knowledge of Animation

• Ability to train students and implement ideas to create final output.

• Good communicator in English Hindi & Bengali.

• Self-motivated, initiator and results-oriented.

• Should demonstrate positive attitude, high motivation, and interpersonal skill.

VFX Faculty

Job description :

1. Candidate should be able to teach VFX.

2. Should be able to teach the students.

3. Have good communication skills
Required Skills :

• Minimum 5 years Industry Experience in vfx industry

• Knowledge of  After Effects, Nuke, PF Track Mocha and other relevant software’s

• Should demonstrate expertise in Motion graphics animation / visual effects practices.

• Should have a flair for teaching• Studio experience with some good production house would be an advantage. 
Job responsibilities :

• Help preparing course modules and lesson plans

• Handling all classroom and studio sessions

• Organize workshops and events

• Help students develop their portfolio