We live in the world where Visual Media is omnipresent. Mobile phones have virtually become hand-held theaters which offer a window to the outside world. Today, content ranging from television shows and movies to daily news are all accessible at the tip of one’s fingers. Online Education has become a prime topic of discussion in recent times because of its ability to provide continuous education.

All these various sources of popular visual media have certain common skill-sets at its core. Visual Effects form the backbone of most content produced today. Graphic Design is another technique used to enhance attractiveness of content. 3D Animation has the potential to develop interactive content. These core skills, when employed in content creation, have the potential to increasing the impact it can have on an audience.

Starblast Animation is the first of its kind fully online- equipped institute in East India. We offer state of the art courses on these most valued skills of the decade – Visual Effects, Graphic Design and 3D Animation. Our expert faculty aim to equip students with a top-notch toolkit that will prepare them for any challenge that their field of work will bring their way.

At Starblast Animation, we believe in student-centric education. Every student has the potential to flourish into their best versions. With this in mind, our faculty present learning environments conducive to creative growth, guiding and inspiring learners on their route to excellence.

Our syllabi focus on this dynamicity that is integral to work on field. Every course pack we offer is constantly revised and updated to accommodate latest developments reflected among the best works of 3D animation and design, so that our students are always one step ahead of their peers.

Our faculty believe in the core value of bridging the education-workplace gap. Practical knowledge is, therefore, integrated into the teaching syllabus of each course offered. Along with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that is the foundation to excelling in any field of study, our courses constantly present students with application-based engagements that will help them build a deeper understanding of their chosen field. This is done to make sure that all our students are industry- ready when they graduate.

The world of Digital Media is teeming with opportunities. Most fields of work in the modern world require skilled Graphic Design personnel. Visual Effects is in high demand everywhere among top-shots in Hollywood and the ever-expanding area of 3D Animation is one of the most reputed sectors in media. If you see yourself being a potential contributor in any of these fields, Starblast Animation is the training centre you are looking for.




Starblast Animation is a team of industry experts, which means that you get direct access to the best minds of the country’s leading film industries. All of our faculty have a minimum experience of 15 years in Hollywood and Bollywood, in the areas of design and production. They have been part of the teams behind multiple audience- favourite blockbuster movies like Baahubali, Kalank, Padmavati, Shivaay, Bajirao Mastani, Zero and many more. 

The guidance of industry experts gives Starblast Animation the dynamicity that it is known for as an institution. Our Visual Effects, Graphic Design and 3D Animation courses all undergo constant revision and updating to keep up with the newest work from the field of Animation. This way, students are up-to-date when they graduate from our courses.

At Starblast Animation, every student’s show-reel at the end of each project will be reviewed by an International animator from Canada. This means that every student gets international- quality feedback for their work, thus exposing them to variety in technique and skill. International exposure is also ensured through the many workshops and seminars we host that are conducted by professionals from around the world. We also assist our students with English communication and grooming classes to make sure that they are at-par with international competition.

Starblast Animation places Students at the centre of all our plans. This means that our faculty focuses on facilitating student talent and channelling their creativity into the most effective path. The Starblast Animation team is specially trained to identify budding talent and inspire them to their best selves. 

Starblast Animation offers excellent career opportunities for its students. Our focus on practical knowledge alongside theoretical knowledge makes our students preferred among leading companies. There is a universe of opportunities that require the skill-set we train our students in. Some of the renowned employers of VFX and Animation Industry:

  • Technicolor
  • Prime Focus
  • Red Chillies
  • Double Negative
  • Maya Digital Studio
  • Xentrics
  • 88 Pictures
  • Digital Domain
  • Rockstar Games
  • MPC

 At Starblast Animation, everybody is a learner constantly striving to improve their skills. Our students believe in continuous learning which has no boundaries to restrict it. Under the guidance of adept faculty, they are encouraged to discover their own unique styles of expression and utilize them to give life to their imaginations. 

The courses at Starblast Animation aim to offer complete field knowledge. Our organizational structure as an incubation centres ensures that we can provide best prices with absolute knowledge training.